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The way you are perceived is the way you are received. Your Brand Identity is the visual element that creates an impression on your customers and clients’ minds. If you want to be perceived in a positive light and establish a genuine connection with your potential customers, you need good designs that match your image.

Our goal at InGenious is to understand what your brand stands for and paint that same image for your customers and clients in the right colors, images, fonts, and style.

Some of the attributes that you can expect when you choose InGenious are;

  • Classic, Stylish designs that remain evergreen
  • Suitable colors for your market that sell your brand
  • Definitive designs to market your brand
  • Designs that strikes a connection in your target audience

Our Range of Expertise

Inspirational Mood Board

Affirm your brand’s identity and communicate the right concepts with InGenious colors.

Logo Design

Simple, classic logo designs that impress your audience in scalable sizes.


Relatable symbols that enforce your brand’s image.

Business Card Design

Impressive business cards for marketing and a positively reinforced image.

Letterhead Design

Professional, appealing letterhead designs to promote your brand.

Email Marketing Templates

Engaging, responsive designs that set you apart from the bunch.

Social Media Visual

Visuals Stunning, attractive visuals for boosting engagement.

Website Design

High-quality branding that distinguishes you.

EBook Development

Sell your book with captivating graphics.

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Logo Design

Your logo is a core part of your brand identity. It needs to be simple, yet detailed enough to tell your customers or clients what your brand is about at first glance. It should also be scalable such that you can reduce its size on any document or platform, and it will still be legible. All these factors are things InGenious notes in the creation of your unique logo.

Our logo designs are;

  • Simple, Classic, and Suitable for its Market
  • Represents your brand accurately
  • Visually appealing to potential customers
  • Scalable in multiple formats


Business Card Design

The power of a business card cannot be completely quantified. Years after you give one out, it can help you make an impression or connect with someone. However, you need an impressive business card design first to achieve these results. Our InGenious business card designs help you make a statement that reinforces a positive image of your brand.

Our business card designs are

  • Impressive and Captivating
  • Elegant and Informational
  • Well crafted with the right color and font
  • Tailored to your brand’s style
Business Card Mock
Brand Letterhead


Letterhead Design

We understand that we are in a digital age where information is passed, and transactions are completed online. Despite this trend, there is no denying the personalization and elegance of written or typed letters or memos with a branded letterhead. You can reinforce your brand’s image with our InGenious letterhead designs, strategically placed not to distract from your message.

Our Letterhead Designs are;

  • Striking and Thoughtful
  • Simple and Strategically Placed
  • Designed with the appropriate fonts for brand
  • Contains necessary contact information


Email Template Design

You can entice the leads on your email list to open your emails every time with eye-catching templates. InGenious has what it takes to help you achieve this aim. Email templates should be minimal, sweet, and informative. You might also want to add a few images to your emails to attract readers. Based on your brand’s image and industry, we have the right design strategy for you.

Our Email Marketing Templates are;

  • Short, Simple, Scannable
  • Engaging and attractive
  • Informative with colorful CTA buttons
  • Mobile Friendly designs
Email Template Mockup
Website Design Mockup


Website Design

In this digital age, your website is your online office. It is on your website that you can show the full picture of your brand’s image. You need to make the most use of this space by using unique graphics that strike a connection with all visitors to your site. At InGenious, we put all factors in place to ensure that your website truly represents your brand.

Expect website designs that are;

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Attractive and Well Placed
  • Readable and Engaging fonts


Ebook Development

An eBook is an effective way of educating your target audience and selling your brand simultaneously. However, it would help if you had the right touch of style and class to convince customers to pick your eBook. At InGenious Soft, we create attractive designs that compel people to choose your eBook.

Expect eBook designs that are;

  • Appealing Contemporary designs
  • Compatible with different formats
  • Informative, exciting covers in the right fonts
  • Follow a beautiful color scheme
eBook Cover Mockup

What Our Clients Say About Us

InGenious Soft is a professional web designing & development team. They can create all the visual interfaces of a project, such as a page layout, visual identity, thus passing to front-end development in which they have excellent HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery skills, and eventually reaching the back-end where they've full domain development PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, and WordPress. This makes InGenious Soft a completely professional team in which they can lead and develop a project from scratch.

yuri novaes
Yuri Novaes
Marketing & Design, NetColetiva

Mudassar was absolutely amazing!!! What a wonderful, wonderful person to work with. His code is so well organized and he takes the time and effort to really understand what you want. He's so awesome to his clients by being so friendly, honest, kind, and of course, completing the work to your specifications perfectly. He even went the extra mile and added things that he felt were needed for the task, which was such a great surprise.

lance whitney
Lance Whitney
Director of Marketing, TAG SLC

Mr. Mudassar is an intelligent project manager/developer who is good at analyzing a project from many angles and proposing great solutions both on the front end and back-end. He and his team (Ingenious Soft) were able to handle some challenging web development needs for me in a very timely manner. Mudassar has experience with large sites with many moving parts and various tech integrations. He is open to experimentation and trying out new techniques, and doesn’t crack under pressure.

Ryan Belong
Ryan B.
Business Development & Marketing, Studio 3-G
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