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UI & UX Intro

Our InGenious UI/UX Design follows a unique process that ensures your website or mobile app has the flow and look your target audience expect. Customers everywhere expect simple, easy to use/navigate, intuitive interfaces for a pleasant experience and that is what we deliver.

How does this help you? Meeting the expectations and needs of your customers helps you gain their trust and loyalty. Loyalty helps you sell more to customers who in turn tell others about your brand leading to more conversions.


Our Design System

We follow a detailed process in a bid to achieve our aim of giving you the user interface and experience that your customers will LOVE. You can choose to use parts of our process for a project or all for multiple projects.

Information Architecture

It is essential that the organization and structure of your website and apps make sense to its users. We study your users’ actions and incentives in line with your goals to create a flow that suits your brand.

User Interface Development

We present the visual elements of your website and apps in an interactive and functional design. Your site and apps not only look good, but we also consider the convenience of the end user.

User Experience Development

We analyze the behavior and satisfaction of your end users to ensure your app and website gives the ultimate user experience. All possibilities (visual and functional) help create a flow that satisfies your goals and customers.

Web/App Solutions

We can design that future app you and your clients will love or improve what you already have. Our goal is to ensure your growth and the maximum satisfaction of your customers.


User Interface Technology And Tools We Use


Gain Potential Customers With Our UI/UX Design Process

More Customers equals Increased Sales and Business Growth. Follow our InGenious Design Process to see how we merge your goals and end-user satisfaction to create a website and mobile apps that make customers LOVE your brand…

Research and Analytics

The first step is to discover and analyze the target end-users side-by-side with your business goals.

Presentation of Concepts

We develop possible concepts of architecture and core features.


Visualize what your website or app will look like with InGenious prototypes/wireframes and make corrections.

Fully Functional UI/UX

Creation of a fully functional UI/UX for your site or app.


We develop the final InGenious Design based on specifications.


We do a final QA check for bugs and errors, ensuring full functionality and performance.

What Our Clients Say About Us

InGenious Soft is a professional web designing & development team. They can create all the visual interfaces of a project, such as a page layout, visual identity, thus passing to front-end development in which they have excellent HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery skills, and eventually reaching the back-end where they've full domain development PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, and WordPress. This makes InGenious Soft a completely professional team in which they can lead and develop a project from scratch.

yuri novaes
Yuri Novaes
Marketing & Design, NetColetiva

Mudassar was absolutely amazing!!! What a wonderful, wonderful person to work with. His code is so well organized and he takes the time and effort to really understand what you want. He's so awesome to his clients by being so friendly, honest, kind, and of course, completing the work to your specifications perfectly. He even went the extra mile and added things that he felt were needed for the task, which was such a great surprise.

lance whitney
Lance Whitney
Director of Marketing, TAG SLC

Mr. Mudassar is an intelligent project manager/developer who is good at analyzing a project from many angles and proposing great solutions both on the front end and back-end. He and his team (Ingenious Soft) were able to handle some challenging web development needs for me in a very timely manner. Mudassar has experience with large sites with many moving parts and various tech integrations. He is open to experimentation and trying out new techniques, and doesn’t crack under pressure.

Ryan Belong
Ryan B.
Business Development & Marketing, Studio 3-G
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