How to Build A Sales Funnel That Converts

How to Build A Sales Funnel That Converts

Imagine if you can make money while you sleep! You might have heard or seen somewhere that sales funnel building and marketing can help you do so. Well, you are right. Sales funnels can help you convert visitors to your sites to customers and repeat customers then sales, all automated to work with any additional input.

However, there are certain things you need to know before you dive into the world of sales funnels. Sales funnel will not turn your business idea that hasn’t worked for years into a gold mine. You also need to know what a sales funnel is to understand how to build a sales funnel for your business.

What is Marketing Sales Funnel?

A funnel means a device that makes it easy for you to collect something into a container. A marketing sales funnel works in a similar fashion. It makes it easy for you to collect traffic on your website and direct them through a process to eventual first sale and more sales.

The way a sales funnel works is pretty simple. It was built on the classic marketing fundamental of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. You start by offering something to catch the attention of your target audience. You collect their information exchange of the first offer and send them more exciting things to motivate them to buy from you.

Now, you know the essential elements of what makes a sales funnel. You might even have one loosely running already. But, let’s look at how to optimize your sales funnel.

Build A Sales Funnel That Converts Like Crazy

Like any good thing, a sales funnel that truly converts requires some work before you can finally relax and make money while you sleep. If you follow these steps, you can create a sales funnel that works for you. It is a process that we have used, and it has worked.

Step 01: Know Your Target Market

A sales funnel doesn’t work like every other marketing strategy. You cannot just use it for everyone. You have to identify a target market that you want to sell to and one that will be interested in your products and services. Your target shouldn’t be the customers you already have. Take your time to know the target as they will determine a lot in subsequent steps.

Step 02: Learn What They Want

What are their pain points? What is the gap in the life of your target market? Those problems that could keep them awake at night should be on this list. Try to write out as much of them as you know. You should not note down less than ten.

Step 03: Narrow It Down to Three

Pick out the top three based on the most significant concerns, the pain points you can solve best, and those that concern your business. Now, you are set to start the funnel building. Don’t skip this process if you have not done it before. You will see why as we go on.

Step 04: Create the Lead Magnet

Create content that addresses one or all of the major pain points of your target market. A lead magnet needs to provide a solution to your audience’s actual problems, or they will ignore it. You see why it is essential to know the issues of your target market. If you have problems deciding on what your lead magnet should be, we will gladly help you with that.

Step 05: Design the Capture Page

From the lead magnet, you direct your target to your capture page where you collect their details. You can design capture pages yourself using software like Clickfunnels, or you can have our experts create one for you without any stress.

Step 06: The Sales Page

Now, you have gotten your target to make a partial commitment to your brand. At this point, you lead them to a thank you page before offering them a upsell or downsell on your products, or you show them directly to a sales page where they make their first purchase. Either way, this step gives you your first sale. You need to ensure that you provide a genuinely irresistible offer to ensure this sale.

Step 07: Time to Send Those Emails

The truth is only about 2% of your target will buy at first exposure to your brand. It might take up to ten exposures. So, it is not time to give up. It is time to send those catchy emails to the addresses from the capture page. You don’t have to keep sending the emails manually. With email autoresponders like MailChimp, you can always keep your target market exposed to your brand. Your customers will make that purchase eventually, and you can also make repeat customers after the first sales.

Remember that the sales funnel is not a get rich quick scheme. Ensure that you keep testing to figure out what works best for your target market. You should also ensure that you always put out great content that meets the needs of your customers.

With these steps, you will create sales funnel that converts. If you have any challenges, you can talk to our experts. We know everything about sales funnel marketing and are always ready to help you, contact us today!

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